Can I take a moment to introduce myself?

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Can I take a second to introduce myself ? Many of you know me, but today I want to share three things you might not know about me...even if they make me feel awkward!
1. I was this close of photographing Victoria Beckham at Marina Bay Sands a couple of years ago. She was visiting Singapore and Sassy Mama had an interview with her but in the VERY last minute Victoria changed her mind about the photoshoot and off I went...but hey I chatted with her and she's even shorter than me...not sure how that is possible though 😀
2. When I was starting out as a photographer 10 years ago I was so unhappy with one outcome of the photos I'd taken so I went back to the client and returned the money. And let them keep the photos haha.
3. Most people would describe as goofy, but my spouse would also add super organised, which is a nice balance, I suppose!

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I often hear that people are not comfortable in front of the camera, and I can truly relate to that. I most of the time don't know where to put my hands, or stand or sit comfortably but yet so it looks good, I didn't  even know there was such a thing as a good or a bad side of my face (I was always a bit confused when people told me they had a bad side of their face...but recently I have discovered that my right side is actually my good side haha). so pretty much I always felt awkward when taking photos.
But the good thing about me feeling awkward in front of the lens is that I am SUPER patient and understanding when I photograph my own client...either being my maternity clients or my headshot clients. 
I got your back.

So if you are interested in discussing how we can create meaningful, yet relaxed photos, of your headshot or family session, just reach out, I would love to meet you!

Have the best day possible,

Sugarlight Photography is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Singapore , specializing in, familymaternityand newbornphotography.

Sugarlight Photography is based in Singapore and Stockholm in  and travels to surrounding areas including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali, Hongkong, Sydney and other Asian countries .

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking your lifestyle session with Sugarlight Photography.