When you think of a boutique, you may think of a small clothing store or a jewelry shop that offers specialty products and personalized customer service. You may not get the same customer service or quality product if you go to a big box retailer or department store, which is why some people choose to go to these specialty or boutique shops.

Did you know the boutique or “full service” model is applied here at Sugarlight Photography? Choosing this model for my business was a big choice, but to me it was the only choice. The decision to have portraits done is not only an investment of your money, but your time, so it is important to carefully craft an experience and end product to capture those memories.

So how does being a boutique photography studio benefit YOU, the client?

The boutique model is incorporated into the Sugarlight Photography experience. From the moment of the first inquiry, it is important that I learn as much as I can about you. I want to know about your personal likes and dislikes so I can be sure the session is crafted to fit your style. Most importantly, getting to know you and your family. We will speak on the phone or meet in person, which will also give you a feel for my personality. The portrait experience is an intimate one so I believe finding a photographer who is personable and who you feel comfortable with is important!  You wouldn’t do business with somebody you don’t know well, or someone who doesn’t “click” with you.

One of the most important thing about being a boutique photography studio is that I have specialized in photographing portraits. I don't photograph food, architecture or products. I'm a professional portrait photographer and specializes in maternity, family and lifestyle newborn photoshoots.

Being a boutique photography studio, I maintain a limited schedule to be sure that your memories are given the personal attention you deserve. You don’t have to worry about being rushed through your session and you can be assured I will not retouch your images hastily because I am backed up with multiple sessions. By choosing to take on a limited amount of clients and/or projects, I give you the highest quality service and product the first time!

We like to look after our clients with both a quality experience and by sourcing beautiful heirloom products. Items that are both built to last, hard to find and priceless to you as a client. As our client you are spending both your time and your money with us and expect to receive a service that excels; we fully appreciate that. Your personalised session is crafted to match both your expectations and your personality. We like to think we are one of a kind, up to date, and yet small and cosy athmosphere A unique boutique photography studio.


The Image viewing presentation  is another great example of this model. It was often defeating to me when clients would admit to their disc being left in a drawer or even in some instances loosing their disc during a move or while “spring cleaning”. Your memories are entirely too important to sit on a disc. I believe that your memories deserve to be printed which is why I offer heirloom quality tangible art; quality art that will last. By meeting once again after your session, I can help to design your art to fit you and your home on a personal level. It gives me the opportunity to offer my expert advice and provide samples for you to see and touch. I personally dislike ordering online because I am a visual and physical person. If I cannot feel or touch the product, I often have anxiety about buying that product. I revamped the site and did away with ordering through online galleries to prevent the anxiety and frustration that can result from being unsure. It also prevents miscommunications, which can take a pleasant experience and quickly turn it into an unpleasant one. Once your products come to me, I inspect them to be sure your products are up to quality standards and package for you and your family to enjoy!

Offering a personalized experience is something I strive to do with each and every client. Memories are happening now. Let me help you preserve them for years to come with your very own session!

And if I could give one more final advice is that you shouldn't overlook the experience of having your photos taken. You deserve to love the experience of having your photos taken almost as much as the photos itself.

If you have any questions just reach out, I would love to chat with you!
Have a gorgeous day,

Why you need to photograph your maternity

Many women say they feel their best during pregnancy. Whilst others struggle with health and/or body issues. Whether or not you love how you look, a professional photography session will make you feel absolutely beautiful. I have pictures my husband took of me standing sideways against a blank wall in our home to document my growing belly. I wish I'd made an investment in a maternity session.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Down the road, you might forget what it felt like to be expecting. Capture those emotions so you can look back on them with fondness. And if you don't know it by know, I'm very passionate about photographing maternity sessions. It is truly such a short period of your life and it should be treasured and enjoyed!

One thing that I have realized is that if we don't capture this precious stage in life, we will forget the feeling and the anticipation (beleive me, I'm a mother of three) when we have gorgeous photos we easily bring those memories back again. By the way, there is no rule that says you have to go somewhere for your maternity session. Why not let the photographer come to you for a more "lifestyle" approach? You can achieve all of the above in your own home environment.

What may feel like a lifetime waiting for your baby to arrive, really does go by fast! The focus in these sessions are of course the mother, belly and curious careful father! Long after the photos are taken they will be appreciated by your children, "this is my mother when she was expecting me".

If you are interested in planning your maternity photo shoot with Sugarlight Photography, don't hesitate to get in touch! I would love to plan it together with you.

Enjoy your day,

Steven Chia photoshoot for Sassy mama

I had the biggest pleasure photographing Steven Chia for Sassy Mamas section Cool dad hangouts.
We met up at Labrador park on a sunny afternoon for some playful and candid photos. And I must say his kids are nothing but adorable. I see the big sister syndrome there, having one daughter as the oldest child, and a boy a few years younger. Taking responsibility and making sure we got some great photos together.

 family photographer singapore photographing steven chia at labrador park in a playful and candid posing
 steven chia photoshoot for sassy mama cool daddy hangouts playful family photoshoot with tv host steven chia
 candid photoshoot for sassy mama singapore with steven chia and his children at labrador park
 best family photography studio in singapore photographing tv host steven chia in a lovely labrador park
 labrador park family photoshoot with steven chia for sassy mama singapore playful and candid family photographer in singapore capturing authentic and everlasting memories for families in singapore

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