My job is to help you document and capture those moments by aiding you in the planning, creation and production of your photographic art, all while maintaining an awesome experience and making sure you look amazing in your portraits. I believe some of life’s best memories are captured when there is a balance between laughter, comfort, joy and even a little crazy fun.
I believe the apparent value of photography is widely under-appreciated, and that it is only after the photographs are enjoyed, or regretted, that their true value is made clear.




When you are ready to book your session contact me and we’ll start with a consultation at my office. There is no cost or obligation for the consultation, just an hour to sit down and chat about you, your relationships, your style, your ideas, and how we’ll plan to capture all of that good stuff. Then we’ll pick a date when this will all go down and finalize locations, ideas, concepts, wardrobe recommendations, and every last detail before your session.


Once we have completed the consultation, we’ll have booked a date for your portraits, and then the magic starts. Come ready to have a LOT of fun, be relaxed and let me work my magic. I promise you will be blown away.


This is probably the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT part. A week after your session you’ll come back to the office and I'll present your photographs to you. This is the first time you’ll see your photographs and this is the final meeting and we will narrow down to your favorite portraits and then make ALL decisions in regards to your portrait order. The presentation takes about 1.5 hours to finalize your package and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. No pressure sales or lame products, just real artwork and crazy awesome portraits. I’ll make it as easy and awesome as possible. In about 2-3 weeks you’ll be able to come back and pick up your order and start sharing your family portrait goodness!



Your photographs come to life when they are printed and displayed in your home. I believe society places too much value on digital, lifeless photographs and not enough on tangible artwork and heirloom portraits.

A majority of the products that I offer are created by hand, printed at a professional lab using the finest materials available. You will not believe how amazing your portraits will look when you hold them for the first time!

                           FRAMES 9X9







Almost all of my clients build their own package a-la-carte (prices start from 800 sgd). It is entirely up to you what you would like to create from your portraits! I believe that your portraits really come to life when they are properly printed and displayed in your home, and you will love what I have to offer.

  • 1-1.5 hour photo session
  • No limit on number of people
  • Image viewing consultation after your session
  • Gorgeous, tangible artwork