Why printing your photos is so important

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I want my clients to enjoy the experience being photographed by me, and equally important is that my clients have the availability to purchase the products that work for them.
What makes my heart really sing is if they purchase a tangible product that will be enjoyed on a daily basis like this gorgeous canvas that Gina and her family went for (it is now hanging in their living room) it could be an album that is passed on to your children. Whatever product that makes sense to you, I am offering.

I mean, I love the digital age as everyone else, it’s wonderful! We can capture images of anything and everything, meaning that those precious memories will be with us forever. But photos that a professional photographer captured for you, if so only one print that you can enjoy I would suggest.

Most people think that they will print photos that they purchase on that usb or online gallery, but in my own little study that I’ve made, my clients actually don’t…not even years after. So that tells me that there really is a need for printed products, (I offer canvases, album, foliobox, frames, prints and high resolution photos).

It’s actually proven that if children is surrounded with photos of themselves their self esteem increases and they feel loved. And who doesn’t want to give that to our children, right!?

Two of my kiddos has left and moved back to Stockholm and Amsterdam and we only have the youngest one here with us (and we will be hanging tight on that one, poor guy) but I have both a Canvas Collection of the children and a huge 30x40” canvas of the boys together. Every time I walk by it, I smile. Cause I love it so much and it makes so much sense for me to see my kids on my walls.

So Wednesday today, I’m dropping off my little one at school and then I have a image viewing presentation for a newborn client in the morning followed by a family consultation meeting afterwards. I had a gorgeous maternity session on the beach last week and I will start printing the photos for their foliobox later today as well, can’t wait to see them printed!

Wishing you a wonderful day,

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