Branding session with Sugarlight Photography

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Hey there friends!Have you ever thought of having a branding or headshot session. You maybe asking, what is that? Why should I spend my hard earned money on something I can go with a tripod and timer? Well yes, you could do that but having a branding session can add so much more life to your photos that a timer and tripod would. Let me explain:

what is a personal branding session?

This is a session decided to taking pictures that represent you, your business and your brand. You know all those amazing pictures that all of your favorite business owners have? Those ones of them laughing, drinking coffee, working on their computer or even twirling down the sidewalk? I’m talking about THOSE type of pictures. Not the typical sit and pose. These pictures are the ones you can have on your website, post on Instagram and Facebook adn even have them as thumbnails for YouTube videos and Facebook ads. The possibilities are endless!

why do i need to have a session like this?

Having these pictures taken that showcase the real you and your brand is an incredible tool to have ESPECIALLY now when Instagram is full of these perfect and effortless pictures. You want to stand out and here is a way to do so! Why not show your beautiful laugh and pair it with a funny story which will have your audience connect with you and want to come back for more?!

Having a cohesive brand is something that I harp on ALL THE TIME (if this is the 100th time you heard me talk about this I’m sorry). But it is SOOOOOO IMPORTANT! You want to be able to have someone see your photo or logo or anything relating to your business and say “Oh! I RECOGNISE that woman/business. I want to see what that is all about!” It’s all about strategy to make sure your audience can identify with you and keep wanting to come back for more. You want to give them quality content to relate, connect and eventually buy what you are selling.

Wouldn’t you want to add some great pictures like this to your Instagram? The importance of putting a face to your business is crucial for your followers to connect with you!

Are you ready to bring your Instagram and website to the next level?! Then book your personal branding session by clicking the link HERE I can’t wait to learn about your business and capture your brand!

Personal branding images convey personality and warmth and help build a connection between the business owner and the audience. Finally, imagery helps build a brand and position the business as authentic and honest. Professional photographs also convey a sense of trust and investment in the business.

Are you ready to book your branding session with Sugarlight Photography yet? I would love to start planning it with you.

All the best,