A headshot session just for YOU!

Headshot photographer Singapore

We have all heard it before, how important it is to have a great photo of ourselves on your social media these days, first impression counts and as much of those are online, you got to represent yourself and your business in a professional way. And, have photos that really are YOU. If you are a relaxed person going for super stiff photos might not be your jam at all.

Or you can have a photoshoot just because you want photos for your Instagram, more of a branding session where we take lots of photos and you get them ALL. Yup, you got that part right, if you book a branding session (550 sgd) you will receive all the photos and session fee is included as well. How about that!?

This branding session is a bit different from my headshot session where you receive 3 high resolution photos (priced at 250 sgd) the purpose is to create more photos for your social media profiles like Instagram and LinkedIn. For work you may need one great photo on LinkedIn, and why not another gorge photo on Facebook.
But with my branding sessions, we photograph you for an hour, and we photograph you working, having a cuppa, walking your dog, reading a book. All this to tell a story of YOU. Who you are and what you love to do on your free time.

My headshot sessions are shorter (about 30 min) and the focus is to get 3 great photos. So depending on what you are looking for in terms of lovely photos, I might be your gal :)

OR have a photoshoot to celebrate you turned 40 or if you have gone through something hard and came out on the other side maybe you are starting a new chapter of your life and you can afford more me time and being selfish. Maybe you just want amazing photos of you. At this moment in time.

Shoot me an email, if you are looking for a portrait photographer and let’s discuss!
All the best,

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