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Outdoor family photoshoot

Hello! Sending you a postcard of my life right now, forest walks, blueberry picking and evening dips in the lake is what I’m currently doing. 6 weeks into my vacation and 2 more weeks to go before we fly back to Singapore and I’m enjoying my slower pace to the fullest. Truly blessed to live in 2 opposites which I both love so much.

Arriving in Singapore on the 6th August and really kickstarting my fall shoots with a fully booked weekend, I mean jetlag stay away! :)
After a long break here in Sweden where the pace is slower and we really get down to basics ( I even broom my floors not using the vacuum :) I am so excited to get back home, I have so many fun things lined up, some personal (my goal is to travel more in the region) and I am getting a new photography office that I need to decorate and print a lot of new studios samples such as canvases and prints (its been a while so its about time now) so yes, this autumn will be AWESOME!

Until then, I will still enjoy the silence (apart from the wild hogs I occasionally hear at night) until I get back home.

Enjoy your summer!