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Singapore lifestyle and branding photographer

Meet Marie!
Marie is the founder and owner of Them You & Me Digital Marketing Agency. Super creative and colourful (see a yellow thread here perhaps) and so MUCH fun to hang out with, we can talk social media and strategies for days:). And yes, we do think that is fun haha.
If you need help discussing your digital marketing strategy, website design, SEO, content or social media platforms…she’s your gal!

Marie is leaving Singapore in June, heading down under to Melbourne, so happy to photograph Marie before she’s heading for her new adventure (another visit for me to visit Melbourne again, yay) and for her headshot session it was no exaggeration that we went for relaxed and candid photographs that really show off Marie’s cheerful personality. So happy you chose this new location (I already had a second headshot session here this week) and I love that you GET how important a nice headshot is that really represents who YOU are!

I know you will be greatly missed by so many people here in Singapore, I admire your path to a happy life so much! You deserve it!

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If you need a new headshot or perhaps more photos for your social media plattforms (and who really gets enough of those images, just saying) get in touch. I want to photograph you in the most flattering way, so you feel comfortable and when looking at the photos it actually feels like you and not just a ordinary snapshot.
Get in touch to know more about my customised natural light headshot or branding sessions in Singapore.

Have a good Wednesday peeps, soon the weekend! I’m not sure whats up with this Saturday but I have SO MANY SHOOTS! It’s like everybody wants a shoot that day, so I am now trying to joggle the timings so I can fit everyone it:).

Tomorrow I am off work since my youngest is turning 9 years old and we are spending the day with him, I saw this amusement park in Suntec so we are starting the day there (after birthday song and pressies in bed of course) and off for lunch at Marche. It’s gonna be a great day!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!