Before and after photos from a maternity session

Outdoor maternity session Singapore

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Maternity photographer singapore

When booking your maternity session, make sure you have the same vision as your photographer. Have a look at the maternity photos they’ve taken, do you like the style of the photos? Do you feel good vibes from the photographer, meaning are you a good fit personally?

I do spend a good amount of time editing my sessions, not to make them look anything unreal, oh no, I want to keep them as true and gorgeous as possible.
Have a look at this example above. Photographing on East Coast beach is amazing but it also has it’s challenges, people in the background, sometimes the beach is not as clean as I’d want it to be, there are signs that are not improving the photos and to get that flowy maternity dress, well, we just need to help the wind a bit there.
The first photo is not something that my clients would make a huge canvas of and put on the wall, right?
My goal is always to give my clients the best photos from their session and that means the photos needs to be edited (no photos leave my studio unedited) and I hope you ses why this is so important to me when you can compare these BEFORE and AFTER photos.
This photos took 3 hours to go from straight from camera photo to a photo ready to print big and put on my clients wall.

So next time you look for a photographer make sure you are having the same visuals, so you don’t end up with all photos looking like my BEFORE photo.
If you have any questions about my maternity session just reach out, I would love to discuss how to make lovely memories of this special time of your life.

All the best,