Exist in photos for your children...

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yourself, and for the people who love you. This Mother’s Day, be brave and show yourself. Make it about you. You know…the Mother. Don’t hide behind your children. Instead, hold them tightly and smile big and boldly for the camera.

Record your memories, and not only of your children. Yes, they are indeed what make you a mother and you wouldn’t be a mother without them. But every other day of the year is about them. About feeding them, teaching them, cheering for them, loving them fiercely.

Without you in any of the photos , this means is that you will hardly exist in pictures for your children. When they look at their photographs when they are adults, they will wonder where you were. Oh yeah, always behind the camera, or hiding from the camera because you think you weigh too much or you suddenly have too many wrinkles and boy, the bags under those eyes…

Ladies, I’m going to burst your bubble. You may never loose those pounds, and if your child is anything like mine, those bags under your eyes are there to stay, and sadly, but unequivocally, you will never, ever again be as young as you are today. But you are so utterly, incredibly, indescribably beautiful to your children! They are connected deeply to your inner beauty: your gentleness, your kindness, your strength. And that inner beauty, if you allow it, if you are kind to yourself, becomes your outer beauty.

So Mother, embrace who you are. Have courage and show yourself in photographs to your children and to yourself. They will grow up and they will look at pictures from their childhood and if they’re lucky, they will see YOU: young, smiling, laughing, holding their hand, giving them hugs and kisses, being fully there. Believe me they will never notice your love handles, your double chin or the bags under your eyes. And to be honest, nobody else will either…

If you are interested in being photographed I still have a few slots this Spring, get in touch now and lets discuss how we can create meaningful photographs for you!

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