Why am I a photographer?

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Photography studio in Singapore

When I started my photography business here in Singapore in 2010, most photographers were working from a studio. Photographing outdoors in natural light was almost unheard of. I took a photography workshop with the famous JinkyArt from Australia and natural light photography stole my heart.
Being photographed outdoors in Singapore has not really been a big thing. But it has changed and even the studio people have realised that outdoor photographs is beautiful.
I can proudly say that I have been there from the beginning, only shooting in natural light (slight tap on shoulder here:)

Those people who know me, knows that I am not one that likes to make all eyes on me. As a human being that might be a good thing but in business and reaching out, it has hold me back. So therefore, I today share with you my philosophy behind why I photography.

Sugarlight Photography has always been voted as one of top 10 best photography studios in Singapore by esteemed media outlets such as LittleSteps Asia, SassyMama and ThreeBestRated

Photographing and running a business is so much more than just making money, even if I could not work I would still photograph in the same way as I do now. Photography is nurturing my soul in ways that is hard to describe, it’s not just a way to make a living. My eyes are drawn to that airy and bright style, and I love when I see love in my photos, no matter if it’s a family, newlyweds or first time parents.

From planning a session, customising my clients session, finding the best locations and the best light offering maternity dresses to my expecting clients, guiding them all they way, producing high quality products that lasts a lifetime.

Being the artistic mastermind on this journey has been so freeing, and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be who I am without it. SO thankful to be part of my clients life, if so only for a family session or welcoming a new family member in a newborn shoot.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why I hustle the way I do. I COULD just enjoy the expat life here in Singapore chilling by the pool and having lunches (but after over 12 years in Singapore that would not suit my personality and it would pile up to a lot of lunches :)) but that wouldn’t nurture my soul (feeling the cliche vibe here but oh so true) I love giving my clients memories that never fades.

That’s why I am a photographer.

I would love to tell your story.