fleeting moments

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Singapore maternity session

Working with Birgit was a breeze, her energy and heart are truly captivating, and the love and excitement she has about carrying her beautiful baby girl is contagious. Birgit is a strong, independent woman, but the softness in her eyes when she talks about her journey into motherhood is one that will touch your heart, I know it left a mark on mine.

Maternity is such a fleeting moments of motherhood. I love my maternity shoots so much and also the planning and styling them, from start to finish. We’re not just capturing a small moment in time, we’re recording a moment that can will never come again.

I truly believe that photographs are frozen slivers of time we old in our hands, but relive in our hearts. Every time I have an expecting mama in front of my lens, I think about how much they will cherish these memories 20+ years from now, passing these photographs down to their children and grandchildren, smiling while they reminisce. Being able to freeze moments in time like this keeps me going.

Thank you Birgit, for making this session to such a relaxed and fun one, I know you are super excited to see all your photos! And I can’t wait to show them to you.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your adventure in becoming a family.