How's it like having a home office?

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Hope you had a lovely weekend and that it was spent just the way you like it! I had a non working weekend, so meaning lazy mornings and slow breakfasts, you gotta enjoy those moments, right?

 I’ve been asked a lot how is it really to work from home? Since I am a natural light outdoor photographer it does not make sense for me to have a studio space. I have been working in a co-working space for a few years and have thought about joining again, but since I edit and work on my big iMac that would mean that I had to rent a room in that space and I would not be able to meet people as much as I would like then anyway.

So as of now, I am working from home which works great. I am super organised and after the Christmas festivities and lazy mornings I am now getting into it again, productivity really fires me up. Regardless if it’s an office day or a shoot day, I wake up early and am usually at my desk by 9 a.m.

For an office day, I start by sending important emails and checking social media updates.If I have editing to do, I’ll do so first thing in the morning. In the afternoon, I’ll take a break, get out and grab some lunch, run errands, and in the early afternoon back on editing.

On shoot days, I always prep camera gear the evening before, and morning sessions I am up at 6 am, to check the weather. Then heading off in time to the location. Once session is done I head home for breakfast and downloading the photos.

My schedule is always changing and evolving—I’ve had to get used to working on the fly, I have had to roll with it and adapt—which doesn’t always come naturally to me, being the organised person that I am :)

My studio is in my home
For the photo shoots that I do photograph indoors, like maternity and headshot,  I realized I could use my home space as the studio! I have beautiful canvas backdrops that I use.

My clients love it, too. They feel comfortable, safe, and at home. It’s a really relaxing, fun environment on shoot days!

Working from home has it’s disadvantages of course, being a one woman show running a business sometimes makes it a bit lonely, but I have noticed that I have to get out of the office on non shoot days to have breakfast with friends, or just a cuppa at PS Cafe, look at people and get the energy to keep working again.

So if you are working from home, don’t discourage, if I can do it, so can you! Plan for things that energize you through the week, have set time of working hours and enjoy the ride!

All the best,

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