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Maternity photographer Singapore

Yes, yes, yes! This photographer is on a summer break in Stockholm and will be back in business mid August.
But first, let me tell ya...this Swedish summer is out of this world...it's super hot (like Singapore temperature without the humidity:) but we seem to be the only ones who like "yes, it's a bit warm but it's ok" whilst the rest of the population is kind of not coping very well:)
and the water in our lake is actually swim worthy this year, wihoo!

So. I'm practicing on doing nothing and just enjoy the long and bright summer days (and evenings) with family and friends but well....I must admit that I am still kinda working, I have a few shoots booked here as well and as an entrepreneur you can't just take 7 weeks of from work:). 

Wherever you are, I hope you are spending the summer they way that energizes you the most,