Oh you lovely summer morning

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Let’s talk about perfection: There’s something about the summer (and aren't we the lucky ones with summer all year around:)  that just makes me want to take a whole day to relax by the pool and inhale a good book. Doing nothing but enjoying the breeze and sipping on a cool drink.
As a mom, that most often feels like an utopia though...I mean if it's not a morning of photoshoots, or early morning soccer practise, or it's raining....I mean it's always something haha.

I'm starting this day slow, but soon enough I'm starting to prepare for my family photoshoot on East Coast this afternoon. On days I work, I zone into work mode after lunch, I need to take out my cameras, choose what lenses I want to use, start mapping out the session...you know, just preparing for the shoot so I can make the absolute best of it. Usually for my family sessions I use my beloved Canon 5d mark VI and the Canon 5d mark III as backup and my absolute favourite lens has always been the Canon 50 mm 1.2....oh mama, that lens takes some gorgeous photos! But I also recently invested (yes buying professional camera gear is truly an investment) in Canon 85 mm 1.2 which is said to be the best portrait photography lens and yes I must agree so I basically switch between these two lenses during my shoots.

I might do a behind the scenes on my Instagram story so if you aren't following me there, you really should :) Instagram link

Thank you for popping in, and if you have read this far...you  deserve a cookie!
All the best,