Why I offer high resolution files to my photography clients.

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As a photographer, I get asked this ALL THE TIME. And let me be honest with you, I LOVE that my clients walk away with a tangible treasured folio box or canvases from their session and I have been debating with myself if I should or should not offer high res files for the longest time.

But when I get asked that now: Here’s the quick answer to “Do you offer digital files” question – “Yes”. I believe that saying “No” is not even an option.

Yes, you heard me right.

Listen, I am a huge proponent for the printed product. It’s engrained both in my personal life and in the very culture of my own photography business. Personally speaking, I have prints of everything. Sometimes to a fault! We have a gorgeous Canvas collection of our children over our living room sofa, and albums to look into from time to time.

Professionally speaking, prints, books and albums are a part of every conversation with every client, without question. And most of my clients leave their experience with the studio with a beautiful finished heirloom.

I am in the service business, and it’s my job to give my clients what they want. But they need to be educated on the benefits of both a tangible product or high res files.

A print will always be there. A usb may go out of date (anyone remembering those discs that are not even working now on most computers…)

Yet again, I educate my clients and then I give them what they want, simple as that:)

And speaking of change, I can’t believe that we are soon turning the chapter of 2018 and heading into a new year in just 2 weeks. 2018 has been a hectic year, with me offering new genres such as maternity studio photography and my headshot sessions has increased immensely as well.
Between Christmas and New Year I will sit down and make a plan for 2019, I feel there are a few changes I would like to take, to offer an even greater service for my clients.
Always evolving, never stopping to grow, both as a business person and in my photography skills.I am also planning on attending a few photography workshops for spring and I heard of one in Dubai in January…maybe Santa comes extra generous this year:)

Whatever you are doing this festive season I hope it is filled with joy and laughter,