Monday vibes in the office

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Monday is no-one’s favorite day. It’s the furthest from the weekend and when all the demands start piling up as you plan out your tasks for the week ahead. It’s a rare person who bounces into the office bright and peppy on a Monday morning.

HOWEVER. That odd person happens to be me. Yup, you heard me. I dance into Monday like it was everyone elses Friday. And the cheesy answer to that is...I love to work.

But if you are nothing like me but still search for  a successful Monday that can make or break the entire week, so it’s essential  to get all the ingredients right. 

So here are a few tips from me:).

1. You know that nagging, ‘something’s not right’ feeling you get when you’ve left work on a Friday with something unfinished? It’s the worst way to start a weekend and usually culminates in a feeling of dread as you walk through the door Monday. So I would suggest to organize your desk on Friday, make sure you have a to-do list starting Monday, and meetings are scheduled.

2.No Monday morning (or any morning, for that matter) would be complete without the appropriate liquid refreshments. No surprise that coffee was a popular choice...Whether you’re looking for energy, comfort, warmth, or simply a ritual, your fave drink is an essential start to the week.

3.It’s important not to succumb to the ‘Manic Monday’ vibes, but to approach the day deliberately, with a sense of calm and purpose (if possible, that is!!).  Personally I like to start my Monday (actually each day) slowly. Best way to start the week. As I am the first one in the office (or maybe the only one in the office haha) I get the luxury of being able to take my time and ease into my day..

4. If you have a home office you should still think of it as going to the office, are WORKING. I mean actually working, not checking your personal fb or Instagram, you have regular breaks to do that and what really works for me is that I actually dress like I was heading out to an office, as much as I love my PJFridays, I have noticed I slack a bit more on those days:).

5. Organise your desk
I mean flowers and pretty things make everyone feel so much better, right? I'm surrounded with things that are pretty and that gives me that happy feeling walking into my home office.And you don't need a whole room as your office but rather a designated area to make it functional for you!

So here you have it, a few pointers on your home office!

Take care, and seize that working day!