Why book me as your photographer?

Selecting the best photographer that matches your vision and budget is important and you should put in some effort in finding your true match. Here are some of the questions that I have received and I thought I'd answer them here as well.

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Why does it cost so much?

Custom portraiture is an art that is worth investing in. You are paying for the time and expertise of the artist as well as the quality of the experience. As a boutique photography studio, I specialize in providing my customers with the best client experience and gorgeous artwork. I dedicate 10 – 15 hours to each client (in person and behind the scenes work).

My friend is a photographer and she gave me a CD of all the images for $X.

I encourage you to look around before selecting a photographer. You want to make sure to choose a photographer whose work best represents your taste and who will take great care of you and your family. There are a lot of “Shoot and Burn” photographers out there who are new or hobbyists and will charge an incredibly low price for all of the images on a disk. These photographers are often inexperienced and it shows in the quality of their work and service.  I do not offer packages since I believe in offering products my clients absolutely will love, so I offer a la carte service instead.

Why should I choose you?

Having your end goal in forms of gorgeous photographs and high quality products whilst creating a relaxed, playful, and authentic experience. I have done extensive training to ensure you will receive the highest quality portraits and art that will last for generations. I have trained under some of the top photographers in the world to continue growing my skills and knowledge. Some of these trainers include:

 2 workshops with world known Australian photographer Barb Uil of Jinkyart.  Known worldwide for her magical and imaginative depiction of childhood, award winning photographer.

Jonas Peterson
Voted as one of 10 best wedding photographers in the world he creates raw and authentic photographs of his clients. Fellow Swede now living in Australia.
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What if I don’t like the pictures?

All of our images are guaranteed. If you are at all dissatisfied with the quality or content of your images, we would be happy to offer a complimentary re-shoot.

Can I post these pictures on social media?

Personal use copyright is released to you with the purchase of digital images. This means you can print or post to social media all you want. Sugarlight Photography retains full copyright of the image so it cannot be cropped or altered in any way.

When should I get maternity pictures done?

At 32 – 34 weeks gestation. Your belly is nice and round at this point but swelling typically isn’t too bad yet.


I just had a baby, I don’t feel like being photographed.

Don’t do it for you, do it for your child. It is important that we exist in photographs for our children. Children don’t care if you have a little extra weight, or wrinkles, or acne, or a big nose, or flat hair, or whatever it is that bothers you. Do you remember thinking your mom is the most beautiful woman in the world? Do you feel emotion when you see photos of your mom with you when you were a child? Do you even have photos of her with you? Nothing haunts us like the family portraits we didn’t take. I promise you won’t regret it.

Can our dog be included in the photos?

Yes absolutely! As a dog owner of 3 doggies myself, I encourage to have some photos together with all your loved ones.

If you have any other questions just reach out, I am always happy to answer and connect with you!
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If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch, I would love to meet you!
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Sugarlight Photography is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Singapore , specializing in, familymaternityand newbornphotography.

Sugarlight Photography is based in Singapore and Stockholm in  and travels to surrounding areas including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali, Hongkong, Sydney and other Asian countries .

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking your lifestyle session with Sugarlight Photography.