Editing this playful family session

botanical garden family photoshoot playful mother and daughter cuddling in natural light with a relaxed and authentic family photographer

Family photographer in Singapore 

I can’t help but smile and laugh right along with these photos because it shows the genuine interaction & love these guys have for each other – it’s pretty stinkin’ infectious if you ask me. Their genuine love for one another shone through to capture some truly special gems! I'm currently editing these family photos and I can't wait to hand over the canvases that they orderred to hang on their wall. After all, you should treasure the life as it is at this moment and hang on to those memories in forms of tangible products. I'm just saying.

Little Mia was a bit shy, and after the session she told her Mama Nina that next time she will not be as shy. How adorable is that? When photographing I want to capture raw connection and emotions and natural smiles, it's all about that in my photography.

More photos coming up,  enjoy this day and make it count,

Next time you are at your family photo session, don’t forget to smile, okay???

These moments will be yours for a lifetime, so make it count!

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