Why I love to photograph in backlight?

 couples-photoshoot-marina bay sands-long-dress-playful-couples-photo-session

Shooting backlit is my favorite. Like… I LIVE for good backlighting during photo sessions. If you ever book a shoot with me you will see just how excited I get when I can implement it!! I use this lighting technique whenever I possibly can because of how amazing the results can be if done correctly. Backlighting is as straightforward as it sounds – light streaming into your frame from behind, which means that the sun is BEHIND my subject. When the sun is behind you, it gives you a “glow” and dreamy look it can really make your photos stand out.

What is the golden hour anyway?

Golden hour happens during sunrise and sunset, and is when the sun is lower in the sky. I do ALL my shoots during golden hour, and will subsequently start two hours before sunset or begin at sunrise and shoot for two hours after. This ensures that my clients don’t get those unflattering, harsh shadows on their faces caused by midday sun, but instead even, glowy light!!

In this photo, the sun has just gone down behind Marina Bay Sands opposite side, which gives a soft and dreamy look to this photos. I have then edited it in the same dreamy spirit to fit the mood of the photo.

If you would like to book a session with me, just reach out, I'm booking for April to June 2018 (March is pretty much fully booked) so just get in touch and let's start planning your session!