Couples photoshoot at Marina Bay Sands

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Couples photoshoot in downtown Singapore


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 I'm constantly asked about photographing couples and how to best pull out natural and authentic expressions and poses during a couples session.  I'll admit that I never felt very confident in this area until about a year ago when I dedicated a pretty extensive amount of time to studying the best way to photograph couples.  Since then, I've had several new couples tell me they want to book with me because my photos combine the perfect amount of candid interactions with beautiful posing and placement.  That's definitely a compliment in my book!

Photographing couples is a bit more difficult than photographing individuals.  When photographing individuals, you can follow certain posing rules to make the subject look their best.  While you still need to keep these rules in mind when photographing couples or groups, you also need to consider their interaction with each other.  Because, what's the point of photographing couples if you aren't photographing them as a couple?!

We all know that everyone is different, so there is no sure-fire way to capture authentic interactions, but with these tips, you just may find your next couples session a little easier and a little more authentic.

Get to know my clients

Yes, I'm going to talk AGAIN about the importance of building relationships with your clients, and this relationship probably isn't as important in any other genre as it is in photographing couples.  By getting to know your couples, you can get a sense of who they are together and how they interact with each other.  This knowledge is SO important in order to ensure authentic posing and interactions during their session.

My very first interaction with a couple (beyond emails, of course), is during their potential client meeting.  This is when we meet post-inquiry to discuss their photoshoot, their photography options, and to get to know each other a bit.  During this meeting, I ask them about how they met and what they envision for their photos.  

After a couple books their session  with me, I then have them fill out a questionnaire.  The questionnaire asks questions about their relationship, giving me an inside glimpse of their life together. 

Based on the observations made during their meeting, their answers to the questionnaire questions, and observations of them on social media, I can plan a session that will allow them to enjoy themselves, while also giving them something special, meaningful, and representative of their relationship.

Capture their connection

Sounds easy, right?  Although it is easier said than done, I want to ensure you that it's not impossible to do.

Let's revisit the questionnaire and planning topic.  If you plan for locations or activities that are important to the couple, you have already nailed the first step to capturing the relationship.  My unscientific and unofficial research shows that when you get a couple into a comfortable and familiar environment, they are a million times more likely to relax, enjoy themselves, and show me who they really are.

Avoid traditional "Smile at the camera" photos

Of course, you need to take one or two to appease the parents and grandparents, but does anything about that scream natural and authentic to you?!  If your goal is to achieve more natural and authentic interactions while photographing couples, then you'll want to avoid having your couples smile at the camera.

This is just a few pointers on how to photograph gorgeous couples in an authentic way. If you are keen on a photoshoot, just get in touch and let's start planning!


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