What camera gear am I using?

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When I first started out I was photographing with my Canon 450. When moving into being a business I have upgraded with the 5d series as they new camera has been release (been over Canon 5d markII, to numero III and now I shoot with Canon 5d Mark IV which is the latest release from that series.

I remember when I first bought Canon 5d mark III that I LOVED how the photos turned out, such a big improvement I thought. I know use that camera as my back up camera during my photo sessions. It's always good to know you have a good backup camera if something would happen with your main camera!

With the Canon 5d mark IV, I also try to shoot more video (oh man, it's a completely different way of using the camera, but so rewarding!). My fav lens has always been my Canon 50 mm 1.2. I use for 99 % of my shoots. I recently bought the Canon 85 mm 1.2 though...and it did not disappoint so now I'm trying to use that lens a bit more. I mean it is stated as the numero uno portrait lens after all:).

I also have a Canon 100 mm and Canon 70-200 mm (but the latest one my daughter is photographing with in Sweden) and I never use the 100 mm. 

Buying a new camera house is investing a lot of money, often around 5000 sgd and same goes for a good quality lens, so it's not the cheapest business to be in:). It's not the camera and lens that makes the photo only, it's the person behind it and how creative and knowledgeable they are, but it does not hurt having a high end camera achieving it together.

If you have any questions about camera gear, if you are perhaps keen on buying a camera for yourself, just reach out! I would love to help.

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