How to improve your Instagram photos!

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We've come a long way from the heavy and bulky mobile phones in the 1980's. The photo quality of most smartphones are amazing and with a few tricks, most your photos will become keepers for your album.

Here's how:

You need to have good light. This is really crucial. Open shade is great, but not photographing with sun at the back of subject (this is how I photograph for my clients but it does not work with  mobile photos unfortunately). 
You will need flattering light, so open shade is perfect.

Do not photography below and up if you are taking a selfie one is interested in seeing your nostrils. Believe me.

Editing your mobile photos
I very rarely photograph with the Instagram camera since I want to have control of the editing process. I take it with the camera on my Iphone and then I edit with VSCO most of the time.
There are so many apps out there so I would suggest finding the one that works with your Instagram asthetic. Keep a similar style on all the photos you show on Instgram
Sometimes I have photos that does not fit with my Instagram feed and then I use it on Instagram stories instead.

Be creative with angles.

That’s pretty much it, go out and have fun creating gorgeous photos for your Instagram!

Wishing you a lovely day,