Playful family time

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Gorgeous family photoshoot in natural light

“Don’t blink.” The recurring, yet impossible, piece of advice that parents of teenagers love to give those of us with new babies in our lives. “Before you know it, they’ll be driving and moving off to college.”

Unfortunately, it’s true. They DO grow up fast and seem to change everyday. And, while we rely on our memory to remind us of how tiny those toes really were and how cute that smirk really was, there really isn’t anything quite like getting some high quality, professional family photos taken.

Not that I'm biased in anyway, but being photographed by a professional photographer instead of your Iphone, it really is a difference:). I don't see my photo shoots as just photo shoots, I see them as I time for my clients to actually hang out, doing something fun with their children, it's basically one hour quality time together, no disturbing phones or meetings, just you and your children having fun! And I will be there capturing all the craziness, the cuddles and the natural laughter that will become the photographs that you cherish the most. From now until eternity.

How to find the right photographer for you?

There are two things you should really look for:
1. that you really love the photographers style. There are so many different styles, some are super posed, in studio, some are casual and relaxed, you should choose the photographers style that you feel represents you the best.
2. You need to click with the photographer as well, if you are super strict and don't want to have fun at your session but prefer a silent non chaos photo shoot, I might not be the best photographer for you, and that's perfectly ok, I'm whimsical and I will do anything to capture your family in the most real and authentic way i can, no matter what:).

If you are interested in creating an amazingly fun photoshoot don't hesitate to get in touch, i would love to start planning something magical for you!