My weekend in photos

A photographers weekend in photos

searching for the best chai latte in singapore the providore
breakfast at the providore singapore looking for the best eggs benedict
walking in business district of singapore looking for best photography location

The weather thes past few weeks has been nothing but AMAZING! Clear blue skies and a soft breeze making my hair look messy but I don't's too lovely to care! Please breeze stay forever...

When the sun is shining my energy levels are pumping and I just feel so much energy to do something, it doesn't have to be super planned, just hop on a bus and go somewhere. And since I suddenly have developed this craving (nope, not pregnant) for chai latte, what better way to spend a Saturday morning, looking for a good one...(even hubby was on board on this, so all good).

We headed to the Providore in the business district, strangely in 11 years I have hardly ever been there...I loved the ambience of the Providore there, it almost felt like a cafe in Sydney...we ordered Eggs benedict with salmon and a chai latte. I must say they do like to spice things up, at least for a Swede who still hasn't learned how to eat spicy food...the chai late was very rich in taste but maybe just a tad to spicy for me.
Eggs benedict was yummy...I mean what else to say?

From the business district we headed to Anderson bridge and walked around there before deciding to head home and hop in the pool:).

I love breakfasts in gorgeous cafes, that really is my about you, are you a brekkie person or maybe a lunch person? I could eat breakfast on all my meals haha.

Pls bare with me since these are Iphone X photos, so not my Canon 5d mark IV, just bear that in mind folks:).

Unil we meet again, enjoy your day!