Do you have any New Year resolutions?

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Family photographer in Singapore

It’s normal to look ahead this time of year. And also reflect on the year that has just passed, and how we want to live better in 2019.
I have spent the days between Christmas and New Year planning for 2019. It comes naturally that after summer break and around Christmas to do so, divide the year in 2 parts. I took a day, headed to Shangri-La with my lap top, ordered a pot of tea and went over how I would like my business to take me in 2019 and also personal goals. I mean, still searching for that balance, right:).

I will continue pretty much as earlier years, just fine tuning a few things, and my genres of photo sessions will still be family, maternity and newborn. I will put some extra emphasis this year on photographing maternity clients, both in my natural light studio and outdoors.
I’m always striving to have an excellent customer service and listen to my clients needs and I hope that I will get the chance to have a chat with you this year!

What I will put more focus on this year is photographing for my own creativity more, to take the time between shoots to go wild, explore more. And I’m hoping to visit at least one photography workshop, to network with other photographers all around the world and being inspired and if I can photograph in the sand dunes of Dubai, my dreams are fulfilled:)
How about you, what do you dream of?

Wishing you a smashing New Year, may it be filled with everything you hope it to be!