Why does Swedes love their glögg so much?


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Mulled wine is the English term for the drink that resembles glögg, Swedens festive wine beverage, but there are a few difference between the two that should be noted.

If you’ve been using the terms mulled wine and glögg to refer to any warmed wine beverage simmered with spices, we should tell you that you might be in the wrong. As similar as these two things might feel, they aren’t entirely interchangeable  

First, and most importantly, us Swedes add a whole lot more booze to the mix than most nations who partake in the hot wine tradition. For me, I don’t drink red wine, but glögg is a must in December.

Second, we add dried fruits and nuts to the mix, and they’re meant to be eaten. The drink is served with a spoon to make eating these alcohol-infused snacks easier.

Since the weather in Sweden no matter if you live in the north or south, is cold, cloudy and rather depressing, we have gatherings with friends and neighbours, colleagues anyone really, as often as we can during this festive season. Just to keep the spirit up.

I have never tried to make it myself, I’m the lazy kind that hops over to IKEA and buys some instead, I mean, I do have a life:)

Now you know a bit more about Swedes fascination of our glue wine, and if you are keen on trying, IKEA is still selling

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