Having fun at your family session?

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Family photographer Singapore

It’s not a photoshoot, it’s a playdate with your family. How does that sound? A little bit more relaxed? A little bit more friendly and less posing? You bet. My photoshoots are treated like a big playdate, with loads of tickles, hugs and play. That is what I would have gone for myself taking my family for a session and I think it reflects the reality the best. So even if you are camera shy, have kids that can’t sit still or a hubby that thinks of a photography session as a mild form of torture, I say lets have a chat:).

This family is one of the most playful ones I’ve met, when I look at the photos we have very few “Christmas card pics”(read more formal posing) we have children hugging mom, sitting on dads shoulders, exploring the rocks you name it, anything but stiff poses.

It was super humid, their session was right after 2 weeks of rain and everyone was hot but we kept going and the result we got makes my heart sing. So happy to have had the chance to photograph your family and I hope you will love the photos as much as I do.

More photos is to come and you will see exactly what I mean with less posing photos:)

Until next time, take care and seize your day,