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Photographing women in Singapore

It occurred to me while photographing families that MOM would be the one telling me "I don't need to be in the pictures, just take pictures of my kids." I loved photographing mom and always tried to get a beautiful shot of her that she loved.

How do I help women relax and enjoy being in front of the camera?

I think the comfort they feel comes from the relationship that we have built throughout the entire experience. I connect with my clients for their style consultation either on the phone or in person before the session itself to talk about how they want to be photographed and I listen to their needs. I try to find out what they like about themselves and what they don't like about themselves. Let's be honest, as women we tend to pick ourselves apart and focus on what we don't like about ourselves. I make the session itself a unique experience by providing a girls day out to celebrate HER.

Contemporary portrait photography is all about displaying your truest self. Its a call to all women to showcase how amazingly beautiful you are at this very moment. Not when you’re older, younger, slimmer, tighter – its about RIGHT NOW. Glamour photography is about capturing your beauty and having a experience memorialized in print.

Contemporary glamour shoots are portrait sessions that mix fashion, beauty, and fun into one fabulous experience. Have you ever wondered how models and celebrities feel at the studio when they are shooting for major magazines? This is the chance to experience that! Ask yourself this: when was the last time you were professionally photographed? Do you want to feel and look glamorous? Then the time is NOW!

Think of this experience as start to your legacy for your family to look back at instead of boas and excessive softness. You deserve this experience. Contact me now to schedule your dream shoot!

Have an amazing day, you are worth it!

Sugarlight Photography is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Singapore , specializing in, familymaternityand newbornphotography.

Sugarlight Photography is based in Singapore and Stockholm in  and travels to surrounding areas including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali, Hongkong, Sydney and other Asian countries .

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking your lifestyle session with Sugarlight Photography.