Five (Funny) Facts About ME!

maternity photographer singapore

Maternity photographer Singapore

I always love reading people’s fun facts, I mean, we know “so much” about people but the truth is, we only know what they tell us! Let’s be honest, I’m not afraid to make fun of myself  and I’m not scared to laugh at myself, so let’s have a little fun today, shall we? I always laugh when people tell me that they know me so well, because I have to chuckle and say, “If only you knew!” Today I want to share a few (funny) facts about me, Gunilla, that I bet you didn’t know…

1.I've been this close (imaging measuring 2 centimeters with my fingers here) to photograph Victoria Beckham at Marina Bay Sands a few years ago. I was the photographer for Sassy Mama and we sat and waited for her until she came to the suit, we said hello and all of a sudden she changed her mind and no photos were allowed....

I'm hysterical bad on remembering names (I even mix up my own kiddos name, and the cats and the dogs names ALL THE TIME) I remember one time when my daughter Erica was assisting me for a shoot and once we were done, she turned around and said "Mom, you know you changed the whole families names, right"...

2.)I've been a vegetarian for over 33 years. But I'm also the worst vegetarian ever. I don't eat tofu, or beans. Nor do I take supplements on a daily basis (I just keep on forgetting) and when I order vegetating noodles I hardly eat the veggies, only the noodles. My husband thinks I'm weird....

3.) I'm crazy about ice hockey.

4.) My husband  and I go to bed together every single night: This one is a little crazy, right? We have never not gone to bed together, not even once. Ever since we moved in togeher (25 years ago) we just go to bed together, even if I am wide awake. Most nights I’ll lay by him and read, but we always brush our teeth together, get the dogs settled in, and fall asleep together. I actually love this about us, it’s just part of our lives and routines (and I didn’t know it was weird until I told someone about it!)

5.) Thanks to Starbucks I have at the age of 40+ learned how to drink coffee...I never really liked the taste of it, and being married to the Worlds Nr1 coffee drinker you would think that it would come naturally, but nope. Is it a bit cheating though to only drink the Caramel macchiato...I'm pretty sure it is:).

Well, there you have it! A little round of “Get to know Gunilla!” I hope you got in a chuckle or just have a little more of an understanding behind the brand! High end, laid back – because that’s who I am at the core of my being! I would love to hear a funny fact about you that I wouldn’t know from following you online! Comment below and share a little bit about YOU!

thanks for reading this far and if you feel like sharing, please do!
If not, until next time,

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