How I became a photographer?

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How did I start my photography business?

I often get asked how I started my business. And to be honest, I don’t know. How, that is. I just did. But this is how most people start their business, right? People take what they have, make it work, and strap on combat boots for the long road ahead. Oh, and the combat boots was just a figure of speech…please don’t think I have a closet full of knee-high Doc Martins. That’s so 1991.

I didn’t have steps to take, a business plan, or even the right gear, I merely started. Somewhere. While I knew I needed to buy pretty much everything, I started with a Canon 450D and a 50 1.8 mm lens. And business cards. That’s pretty much it. I realized I needed to build my portfolio, so I began asking people in my immediate network if I could take their picture. I jumped right in. I charged 400 sgd for everything, the photoshoot and ALL the photos edited (edited to my best knowledge at the time at least).

My first photo session was my friends Ulrikas daughter and we shot it in Botanical Gardens (You know the little white chapel, thats still there). My youngest child, Theo was just a few weeks old and he was joining me for the first shoots I had, I wanted him close to me at the same time I had this burning feeling that I wanted to photograph. I was terrified and–quite frankly–had no idea what I was doing! 

How did I go from a mom with a camera to run a photography business?

But I drove home having accomplished my goal. Kinda.  At the core of it, I did this. And it made me proud. The photos turned out lovely and Ulrika printed several canvases from that shoot.
Although, it was pretty much pure luck, to be honest. It was pretty much a win win situation, I had to practice and I offered a cheap product and my first clients knew the deal. This is how many photographers starts their photography journey. Starting with low prices, a hit or miss kind of  photoshoot with no experience for the clients. In the industry we call it a shoot and burn photographer. And yes I was one.

Why I wanted to offer the best customer experience

A few years offering nothing but a CD with all the photos and the client experience at zero, I decided that I wanted to go from a hobby photographer to run a business. My goal was to offer my clients customized photographs that reflects WHO they are and WHERE they are in this moment. I knew I had an advantage shooting in natural light only, I booked the shoots at the best time of day to capture that gorgeous backlight and most importantly, I gave my clients an EXPERIENCE.
Guiding my clients all the way, from the first phone call to checking up on them a month after they receive their products, just to make sure they are happy with their experience working with me and how their products turned out.

The way I run my business is in every way with the best interest of my clients, I want them to feel well taken care of, I invest a lot of time and effort into my photography sessions, each client has their own unique story and I want to capture just that for them.

I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer for fabulous people. Like YOU!

If you are interested in booking your maternity photography session or family photoshoot, just reach out and let's start planning you're awesome shoot!

Wishing you all the best,