Planning for the coming months

I hope you are having a lovely day so far!
I'm a lover of organisation, if it's messy around me I just can't function. That goes for both in my home decoration and as well as in my work, I LOVE an organised office space:).

I always plan one month ahead, except all my photoshoots, I plan for meetings, networking, girls nigh outs, well pretty much everything (please don't judgde)

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Your family photographer Singapore

When I started my photography career all I wanted to do was to take pretty photographs. Don't get me wrong, I still do, but I could never imagine how musch hustle it would actually take to run a business. It's way more than just the photoshoot, I would say it's an 80 20 on business and 20 on the session itself.

Before switching over to a new month I always set aside planning my coming month, I like to do this outside my office, to have a change of environment and feel my business side kick in haha (I admit, I'm more of a creative than a savvy business owner, but hey, it's needed sometimes).

My focus for the coming weeks leading up to Christmas (wow it feels it was just summer holiday) is to book my maternity and family photoshoots, I might offer a Christmas mini session as well if there is enough time.
Usually the last weeks of the year is super crazy busy, but hey we can relax in January right :)

If you are keen on a photoshoot, just give me a shout, I would love to meet you!