A photographers summer

I guess for many of us summer is a season we all look forward to because we have a better chance of knowing that the weather will be nice, water warm, fruits fresh etc. However, living in Singapore for such a long time I have missed the seasons leading up to summer, the weather was constantly 35 degreas Celsius. Moving to Malta, being closer to Sweden and within Europe I got to have a short taste of winter (well, Maltas winter 10 deg) and some easter when I visited Sweden. Its probably easy for me to say, but sometimes I do miss the cold winters. 

It is okay to go crazy during the summer if you were freezing miserably during the winter! You need to make up for the rest of the year, am I right? 

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Anyways, during the summer, as I am also on a type of holiday, I photograph what I enjoy. I don't stress or pressure myself to get nice photos, I just simply bring the camera around with me and take it out when I am bothered and feel that its fun. 

This is the season to let your hair out, eat ice cream, swim, eat more ice cream and pass out from exhaustion from always being up and about! Its the time to explore new places and discover new things that you like. Its when you spend time with your loved ones, give them an extra hug because you're so excited about life! Its also a period where you explore your creativity and artsy side, take an extra picture there in a different angle?

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I have done all of the above this summer! I have explored places around the summerhouse, no not behind the house but more bathing places, photo places, restaurants that I had no idea about before and now love. I am a loving person and very often I tackle my kids to give them hugs and kisses, but yes, I do believe I have been even more so now, even the dogs get a few! 

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer too, now I need to kickstart myself getting back to work on Monday (yes my boss is mean haha)

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