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Family photographer Singapore


Hi! I hope you are having a lovely week so far! Christmas is coming, are you guys ready for it? I'm a holiday junkie and can't wait for the craziness of Christmas to hit, buying Christmas tree from IKEA, baking gingerbread whilst listening to Christmas songs...I think we are staying in Singapore for Christmas this year, although we are super spontaneous so that could change quickly:).

Ok, back to this absolutely amazing family photo shoot. Actually I'm so happy we actually pulled this session off! They were relocating back to Sweden on the next day so I can't imagine how many things they had on their plate, but still wanted the photo shoot done, and so happy they did!

The whole family session was a blast from start to finish, I loved to photograph on the streets in a more urban setting and their daughter Ingrid was absolutely the cutest, she was up for anything fun!  And their little one, August..well he just happily played along. Do you want to play? Yes! Can you hop on the stairs? Yes!
I'm pretty sure they got rewarded with a big ice cream afterwards:).

I'm so happy to have met you all, thank you for loving so many photos, it brightens my heart knowing you will have precious memories  ♡

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