My Malta life

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My new life living in Malta

On the day 3 months since we moved to Malta. And I honestly must say, since I had never visited this little island before, that I am amazed on the impression it has given me. Maybe it's a good thing having a blank canvas to paint your own life on it, and I feel that's exactly how I have approached my new life here.

Since we intend to stay a long time here, I haven't rushed to all the historic places of Malta, even though I was suppose to visit Gozo to photograph the famous window but the storm wind put an end to that. I will have time to explore without rushing.

I am working on getting my business name out there, it's not easy moving countries and starting from scratch again, but I'm always up for a challenge :). I've already had a few sessions here and I'm getting booked with 2 maternity sessions next week and a few family sessions coming up as well. Eeek, so excited!

Shooting in a studio is not my thing, beautiful outdoors steal my heart and soul every time. My aim is to create truly timeless pictures.
If you're wondering if we'd be a good match, shoot me an email :).

Make this your best day ever,