A photographers whimsical office

This is my creative space, where I zone into my work, I fuel my energy levels and I make my props here. Sometimes, if Im lucky I get cute visitors like this to try out my props :).
I love the calmness and the natural light in my office, it's so much of me in there, whimsical, relaxed and fun. Just like my photo sessions :).

For me it's important to have a space of my own, I could never have just a laptop and work from the couch (even if I do that sometimes watching my fav TV-show at the same time) I need to create as much of an office feel at home otherwise I honestly would never get anything done...

I hope you enjoyed this little video of my office and if you are looking for a wedding photographer here in Malta, or if you are pregnant and would like to create something magical together, or perhaps a family session , just reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,