Kid photographer Malta + a cute goldfish

The cutest prop ever! A goldfish.
I was a happy camper during this fun photo session, a gorgeous location with a super fun little girl AND a goldfish! The gold fish ended up in my home (we had to buy the poor little guy a bigger home apparently they need oxygen...I know shocking, right! ) and he is still as cute, but a lot bigger (they eat a lot those goldfish, hmm). So I just had to go and buy an aquarium for her...don't say I don't put effort into my props:).

Fun, fun fun we had in this cute children session, and don't you just love those Hunter boots? I do.
I was looking to buy a pair for myself but it seems I can't fit in them and YES I looked for adult size haha.

Medea is awesomely adorable, but besides of that the shoot has a whimsical tone to it and it's a little different.
I mean who REALLY brings out their goldfish to the park?

I wanted to allow me to create something different, pushing my artistic limits.  
After each season with a full scheduled calendar, my soul is thirsting to try out something new and widen my artistic horizon.

Hope you enjoyed this video and if you are looking for a Malta children photographer, Malta wedding photographer or a maternity photographer here in Malta , just get in touch!

Have a lovely day,