How to plan your maternity photoshoot?




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Maternity photographer Singapore

To some, the idea of a maternity photoshoot, is as exciting as having the baby itself as you are captivated by the glow and radiance that pregnancy has bestowed upon you.
To others, it's a questionable one since your body has transformed to a place you did not imagine it going.

However, you may feel, if you don't take the photographs, you will not have them. And while it may be your first or third pregnancy, each will deliver an experience (and a baby!) that is unique to this world. That deserves to be captured. If ever there is a time to entrust yourself in the hands of a professional photographer, it's during this time in your life.

Professional maternity photography  is not the snap of Instagram or a few shots taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who knows that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside that you hopefully feel on the inside.

For your session, Sugarlight Photography provides you with the option of shooting in a private location, such as your home, where we create imagery that will look gorgeous.And should you feel especially radiant, investigate in options for maternity lingerie!
You also have the option of being photographed outdoors at your fav location.

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Or in an outdoor location, like this on East Coast beach.

maternity photography singapore

What to wear

We love the full range of options that are available for todays mother-to-be: open and flowing or crisp and modern. Embrace looks that show your belly, and give it the definition it deserves. Travel a tank  or long flown sweater that opens just above your belly but. We also have a few maternity dresses if you wish to create a more creative touch to them.

Just prior to your session try to avoid anything tight that will leave a band mark or indentations on your belly. We will discuss all of this at your consultation meeting as well :)

When should you book
You are welcome to reserve your session any time after you have established your due date, but you will want to schedule a time between week 32 and 36 when you are showing enough of a full belly, but not quite ready to deliver. Scheduling in the earlier weeks ensure that you will have a bit more mobility for poses. All pregnancies are different so better get in touch so we can discuss the best date for you!

And by all means, include any siblings (of any two or four legged variety)as this is an exciting time for your entire family. Sugarlight Photography will capture both individual and family images to tell your entire story!

backlit maternity session in botanical garden expecting parents cuddling in gorgeous maternity dress

Sugarlight Photography is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Singapore , specializing in, familymaternityand newbornphotography.

Sugarlight Photography is based in Singapore and Stockholm in  and travels to surrounding areas including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali, Hongkong, Sydney and other Asian countries .

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking your lifestyle session with Sugarlight Photography.