Botanical garden family session

Photos don’t get any less amazing as time goes on, they only get better. Is there anything cooler than looking at how families change over time? While major milestones are definitely worth capturing, everyday moments are just as magical; photographer is the master of capturing and preserving family memories.

We may be stating the obvious here, but it bears repeating: children grow up quickly, so quickly that we don’t even recognise how fast their looks and characteristics are changing as we’re too caught up in our everyday routines to even notice..

For every moment your toddler drives you crazy, we know there's another instant where you wish you could bottle up their cuteness and preserve it forever.

It's never too late to start capturing the memories, mama. Because one, five or 10 years down the line, we know you'll be happy you took a minute to preserve that special moment in time!

I can't wait to start photographing families here in Malta, I will still continue with my Kids photography here in Malta. I have been out scouting places and there are so many amazing locations here in Malta, but I have one specific location in mind :)

Have a wonderful day, tomorrow is a Public Holiday here so kids are off school, wihoo!