Wedding photographer Singapore and Stockholm

It had been raining all day. Just up to the time I had to leave my office we were still debating if we should reschedule the wedding dress shoot or not. 
We decided to just go with it, and hope for the best, and it was like magic as soon as we hit the session location the sun peeped out from the clouds and whipped away the rain.
And so lucky it did, otherwise we wouldn't had the chance to photograph this:

For my own creativity I like to photograph things that I do not shoot everyday, like weddings or in this case for a wedding dress designer.
By looking at this photos it looks like so calm and relaxing photos in a gorgeous setting. The truth is that the water was getting higher and higher by the minute and even one time the water swept away one of the pillows out to sea!  So it was nothing like calm and relaxed at all, it was energetic trying to photograph the wedding dresses as fast as I could but without lowering the quality of the photos.


I'm extremely delighted with these photos, the surroundings are fantastic and not something you see everyday here in Singapore and worked beautifully with the wedding dresses. The roughness of the mountain and the softness of the sea, and those gorgeous wedding dresses, all made up for a lovely mix of photographs.

And who doesn't love to photograph pretty things, gorgeous people on a stunning beach, right?


It's almost like I feel like getting married again...but of course to the same hubby of course:). I'm not gonna give you the details of my wedding but it sure wasn't the dream wedding (it was 4 days before we moved to Singapore and I was at work and hubby rang me and said, "we have to get married...NOW" and I'm sure you can figure out the rest...:)

As an creative photographer I find it very useful to step outside of my comfort zone, take chances (even if it scary) and keep listening to my inner voice who says "You got this" and most of the times I do, but I wouldn't know if I didn't try, right?

So that's my new motto in life. Just do it. (Sorry NIKE) but seriously, what is the worst thing that can happen?

Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate everyone of you that are stopping by here so much!

I wish you the best of day, and don't be afraid to make that jump!

Wedding dress: Elizabeth Gregory Couture

Hair and makeup: Samina Malik