A step-by-step guide through a lifestyle newborn session

As a newborn lifestyle photographer, it is a grand privilege to be invited into the most intimate moments of tenderness and newness in a family. That being said, there are great challenges in walking into a new environment brimming with emotion and vulnerability. It takes courage to calm my own nerves and steady my eye while shooting in an honest and sensitive fashion. Through the years, I’ve developed my strategies to doing so using both technical and artistic techniques to help make sure that I am prepared and effective regardless of the scenery or dynamics.

When I first arrive, I ask the family to show me around and talk to me about any thoughts they have for where they would like to shoot. I use this time to look for where the light is falling and any areas of the home that lend themselves to the telling of their story.

When I ask clients to cozy up on their bed, I always encourage them to start with sitting close together. This allows them to get more comfortable with me before I ask them to lay together or move further outside their comfort zone.


Utilizing a variety of perspectives is one of my favorite strategies to “story-telling”. Every angle will create a slightly different mood and tone and contribute something to the overall vision. I frame my shot in as many different ways possible, the variety that creates for you as my client is huge.


As we move through the home, I am sure to make note of the nursery and if the parents  has spent extra time preparing it for her little bundle. This is typically an area near and dear to their heart and I always make sure to honor the memories of the nursery.

Capturing the mother with her baby is something I make sure to spend plenty of time doing. I love to photograph the baby alone swaddled up or loosely bundled and then ask the mother to come swoop up her little love to capture the inevitable swooning along the way.Seeing her tenderly carrying her baby warms my heart.

If you are interested in capturing your precious bundle of joy in a warm and relaxed environment, please get in touch. I would love to meet you!

Have a wonderful day,