A photo shoot like no other

This one. I'm almost choking up just writing about this session. Ok, let me take it from the beginning.
"Back in the day" when my youngest one was little, I met up with some mothers of newborn and babies at a cafe on East Coast. I had just started my photography business but I was also a mother of a baby and I loved hanging out, talking about challenges (oh yeah, thats right, there were challenges:) and development of our precious babies. 
Soon enough, I was so busy working so I just couldn't make the meet-ups anymore.

A few weeks ago, Nicola from this particular group reached out to me, asking if I remembered here and my response was "of course, how can i forget that you drove from Kuala Lumpur for our meetups"! We started discussing her photo session, her goals with the photos, what are we aiming for? And it was so clear that the focus was on the strong bond between mother and daughter, natural and playful shots, almost as though I wasn't even there. Perfect, we had a game plan.

At her consultation meeting via Skype, we discussed the session, clothing, location etc like we always do. At the end, Nicola said "Hey, someone here wants to say HI" and Sophie jumped into the screen, laughing and so giggly. We connected instantly and ended the Skype meeting with a flowing kiss across the Internet.

Once we met up, Sophia came running towards me, giving me the biggest hug and I just melted...We had such a blast during her session and I see so much love in their photos, that I know they will cherish forever.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, more to come:).