Where to eat the best hotel breakfast in Singapore?

I simply love the atmosphere  of Fullerton Bay Hotel, it's cozy yet stylish, it's bright yet colourful and the service is outstanding. We have a 6year old and a 16 year old and let me tell you, it's not easy to entertain their both's needs, but whenever we go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we find it important that they both come along (even if it is with gentle force sometimes:). The view from the Fullerton Bay is magnificent, the Bay area with Marina Bay Sands in front.

After Ten years in Singapore, three kids, a husband who travels a lot and running a photography business, there just isn't many hours left in a day, you know what I'm talking about, right? The everyday life just keeps on spinning without any flair or breaks.

With so many gorgeous restaurants and hotels just around the corner, I sometimes sneak off indulging myself in an afternoon tea or breakfast at Fullerton Bay Hotel, I relax (I do have a background in working in hotels back home in Sweden and I just love the atmospheres of them) view people from a distance, the service is amazing and it feels like I'm taking a break from the everyday life with so many things that needs to be done. And in Singapore it's so easy to get that moment of luxury if we want it.

My little one had to much energy to sit still, luckily we were the only one at the Landing Point where we had our breakfast so I allowed him to explore the place, without the danger of knocking down the waiter:).

Eggs Benedict with salmon and spinach, was exactly what I needed, it was so yummy! I can literally spend hours at The Landing Point, but this time we brought the kids and they are much more inpatient than me:).

I highly recommend The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel for a relaxed breakfast with a stunning view.

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