A candid family session!

Sometimes I get the craziest photo ideas. I thank my lucky star that my clients trust those ideas, (and they vary from family to family of course) and takes part and enjoys the craziness:). For this family, who were relocating to the States, they wanted the background to be their former home as a memory of their time here in Singapore. So we started their session by playing tag, dancing around mom and dad which created lovely and natural laughter.

And we ended with ice cream.....say WHAT?!

This family was so playful and goofy (almost as goofy as me and that says a lot) so finishing their session with ice cream was just so perfect and so much THEM! And daddy got his fair chair of ice cream all right:).

The sessions were the parents just enjoys playing with their kids are the best ones, and no, ice cream is not required for that:), It's then the family dynamic really shines through and for me as the photographer, that's what I want to see! There is no right or wrong, just being you!

Thank you so much for stopping by, it really means the world to me!