You are a mother that matters

Sometimes when i meet mothers, they tell me they don't want to be photographed. They want to loose a few pounds first, they don't like the double chin you get when reading to your child. They are not happy with their veins on their legs.

But do you know who doesn't care?
Your children doesn't care. For your children you are the strongest person on this earth, the one that reads their bedtime story just the way they like it. The one that is always helping them with their homework. The one that will always be there for them, no matter what.
I just had my 42nd birthday and the first one I get a phone call from is my mother.

And when your children is 42 years old, you will be one of the most important peoples,still, in their lives and the photographs you have taken of you and your children will be invaluable. 

Because you know, you are invaluable.

Don't let the fashion industry or the cover of a heavily Photoshopped woman tell you that that is todays norm, don't let it tell you that you are not good enough. Or that those family photos will have to wait until you drop those extra pounds. You are PERFECT just the way you are!

There are children growing up, not seeing one photo of their mother and always hear their mother saying "no no, don't take any photos of me". What exactly are we teaching our children?

So if you are one of those moms reading this now, now is the time, give me a call and lets talk and lets do something about this, together. 

Because you matter!