We have been in Singapore for 10 years and have been lucky to live in this gorgeous little red dot for that long of a time. However, all my children have had loved friends that have left throughout the years and it so I thought I would write a blog post about it:). So if you are relocating to or from Singapore maybe you will find a few good reads here.

Moving is stressful and these moving tips for kids will hopefully help with a smooth transition.  


Discuss the move with your kids from the beginning so that they have time to adjust to the change.

If it is impossible for them to make a physical visit to your new home and community, share pictures with them so they know what to expect. Looking it up on Google Maps or Google World works if a visit in real life doesn't work.

Talk to your kids about their fears and what they are sad to leave behind. Also, discuss what they have to look forward to in their new community.

When settling into the new home make their inside or outside play area a priority so that they have a space to play while you unload and unpack. This was my husband’s priority when we moved our girls.

Save a few of the best boxes for play when then the move is over. The best ‘toy’ ever is an empty box. It will entertain your child for hours while you work to settle in your new home.

And let them feel sad for a while when settling in, most of the times it's not the child's choice to move but the parents, so allow a bit of time to re adapt to the new situation.

And, encourage having Skype calls to their former friends and in this day of tetchy world we live, it easier than ever to keep in contact.
And a few years down the line, they will have so many countries to visit due to their abroad stay (my teenage daughter has loads of travel plans to her friends all over the world:).

Hope you found a few good pointers about moving with your children!