Technology and information has changed so much since the smartphone, so I don't know why I was actually surprised to hear about all these great apps for your pregnancy! Why wouldn't there be apps for this precious stage in our lives, right?

Here are a few of my favs, hope you find one you like!

MyBabyBeat ($4.99)
For the same price as a book, coffee or burger you can literally hear your baby's heartbeat. How amazing is that? Totally worth the money in my book, it's so sweet! It's not the same quality you hear at your Dr's but still pretty impressive.

Ovia Pregnancy (Free)
I love the design and look of this little app. And it’s so fun seeing the approximate size of the baby’s hand during your current week! This app you can use to track all kinds of information like your weight, bump photos, milestones, nutrition, exercise, symptoms, sleep. You will also find lots extras like checklists, food/medication safety lists, recipes, to-do’s, and tidbits about baby’s development. It can even synced  with your Fitbit, Jawbone, and Myfitnesspal.

Sprout Pregnancy – Lite  (Free)

I loved the pictures showing baby’s development and all the information about our progress throughout pregnancy. You can upgrade to premium for $3.99 to use their Weight Tracker, Kick Counter, and Contraction Timer.

Obaby ($4.99)
This cute little app will be fun well into your baby's life as you can drop all kind of doodles and sayings on top of any picture right in your phone. They have different categories such as dates, announcements labor etc. There are lots of in app purchases for extra doodles but you are well off with just the base app.

Kindle (Free)

 Often kindle versions of a book are a little bit more affordable and I like that I can carry all my books with me on my phone or even ipad to read anytime anywhere.

Have a lovely day!