As much as I do love photographing newborns in my clients home, I also recommend photographing and documenting those fast fleeting weeks of newborns life by their parents. No matter if you photograph with a DSLR camera or with your Iphone or Android, there are a few tips and tricks to achieve the best result possible.

Photography has never been easier and it so much fun to capture those special moments of your sweet baby’s life as they speed by. The pictures you take can look amazing! 

Read on, folks.


With a baby in the home you may have some things in the background like dirty dishes, laundry, baby gear or similar. That doesn’t mean you have to include them in your picture! Look for a shot that has a clean background and features your baby. Clear the clutter to the side or change angles.  Sometimes the easiest way to do this is taking a shot from above. Just leave the mess there and take a shot from above


Sometimes the angle your picture is taken from can make a difference too. For example, when your baby is in someone’s arms or laying down try not to shoot up from below so that photo is looking up their nose. Best is to photograph from straight on, or more from head down, not to take the picture up their nose, alright!

Natural light by a window is the best. However, sometimes light can be to harsh and wash your little baby’s skin out. It’s easiest to have your little one near a window, but not in the direct light from the window. If you have a white soft curtain you can block the harshest light with using those sheer curtains. 

You may have sentimental pieces that you want to incorporate into your photos, it could be a blanket, a toy or something that your Grandmother Hilda made years ago. Whatever it is, use it. If the maker is still with us, she will be so happy to see a photo of it, if they have left us, we are keeping those memories alive.

Take a moment and photograph those tiny details, fingers and toes. Sooner than you know it, those cute baby toes are walking around in sneakers size 45.

As a professional photographer I use Photoshop, but its a bit extreme for a hobbyist to purchase and its quite complex as well.
Picmonkey is an online photo editing site that is very user friendly with hundreds of options. You can also purchase for a small yearly amount to get access to even more stuff, but the free one is great to start with. I would suggest though that you don't over do the processing, the photographs should stand the test of time so try to make the editing as natural as possible.

As I mentioned you can take gorgeous photos with your mobile phone these days, so no need to go and buy a fancy camera if you don't want to.

I use my Canon 5d III and Canon 5dS as well as my Iphone (but since I'm super picky with my photos, I guess it comes with the job, I mostly photograph with my DSLR's).
My favourite lenses are Canon 50 mm 1.2 and the 35 mm 1.4 for indoors shoots.


Moms and grandma and grandfathers for that matter….get in the photo! Yes, we may have a few extra pounds, circles under eyes from lack of sleep, or wrinkles and crows feet because we’re now grandmas. Just forget it all and capture those memories together!

Hope you found a few tricks to capture great photos, just leave a comment if you want to know more!