Desiree and Kenneths wedding

They first met in 2006. A few years later he confessed that he already then thought, she's the ONE. However, he also thought she was in a league of her own, self confident and mature.

The years passed by and it wasn't until 2012 (when he got a job assignment in her department) they got to talk. Deep long conversations of life, sharing life stories together. She the bubbly, lively one and he the calm and quiet.
She was thinking to herself that she was happy living alone and had no intentions what so ever to fall in love. Life however wanted something else...

A few life changing moment later, they both know (even though she tried to resist, Kenneth was still by her side, appreciating her and loving her) that they belonged together.

Desire's long time friend Maria, helped her to get ready for her big day, and just by being there, made a great support. Bridal prep at it's best:).

Truly the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Nervous waiting for the bride to arrive

The couple opted to see each other just before entering the ceremony, such a beautiful moment.

Meeting the cheering crowd of family and friends, for the first time as husband and wife.

Just look how amazing they are together, my hearts melts 

Off to the wedding venue through the forest, the happiest bride and groom, only having eyes for each other.

Spending the evening with their loved family friends, making this day so special for them.

Desiree and Kenneth, you are magical. You are like Yin and Yang, giving the best to each other and your friends. You are magnetic and you make people around you matter and feel loved (I have never seen so many hugs in one day:).
It was my honor to document your first day as husband and wife, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you.

Much love,
Gunilla & Erica