A headshot session in the park

Most people that I photograph for their headshot photos, does not look for the classic and most of the time stiff poses. They want to look casual, friendly and professional at the same time.

I want my clients to feel they can use their photos on a CV as well as their Facebook page and even if we know all to well the importance of that "first impression" we often fail to get ourselves to take that photo. I get it, we are all very busy. Joke aside, it just isn't enough anymore to have a bad profile photo and I literally cringe when I see CEO's having an Iphone pic as their photo.

Meet Danielle, the funnies accountant I have ever met.. She has the most contagious smile I have ever seen and during our session we were getting so many gorgeous photos of her!

Her business name is Tidy My Money, click here for info

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